Avoiding the Sugar 'Fright'!

So, Autumn is well and truly upon us! The clocks have gone back and the cold, crisp weather is here. So, with Autumn comes Halloween! A seasonal tradition adopted from the USA, it can be fun for kids and grown ups alike to dress up and have an excuse to celebrate.

Unfortunately, with this particular celebration accompanies a vast amount of sugar intake... Refined sugar can reduce your immunity by up to 50%, so especially at this time of year it is wise to steer clear of too many sweets and chocolates.

So, what fun snacks and treats can get you in that Halloween mood, without increasing your (or your children's!) sugar intake?

Cinnamon Popcorn

Whilst you are all snuggled up on the sofa watching Hocus Pocus or Halloween, a tasty snack to tuck into is cinnamon popcorn. Get a big pot or pan with a lid, then add a knob of butter. Once the butter melts, add a sprinkling of cinnamon and then add the popcorn kernels. Once all the popcorn has popped, put into a festive bowl and give an extra sprinkling of cinnamon to create a tasty, sugar free, treat!

Apple Pumpkins

Create a quick and fun snack for your little ones (or to amuse your other half!) with some apples and peanut butter. Slice an apple vertically (about 1cm thick) and use a sharp knife to soften the edges into a pumpkin shape. Then use an icing piping bag filled with smooth peanut butter to draw on some pumpkin eyes, nose and scary grin! Super quick and filled with lots of good nutrients and protein. Top tip: make sure the peanut butter is room temperature, otherwise it will not be easy to pipe!

Breadstick Fingers

Looking for a more savoury snack altogether? Then this is a super quick Halloween fix, great for kids and adult Halloween parties alike.

Lay out some mini breadsticks (the plain type) on a plate or dish. Get some almonds and individually butter them on to the end of each breadstick to create the illusion of fingernails on fingers!

I hope however you enjoy this Halloween week that you stay safe and warm.

Mhairi @ Wild Air Wellbeing