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Supporting children holistically


Children are very sensitive to reflexology, and as such each treatment has to be adapted to each individual.

Reflexology for babies can aid sinus relief, reflux and other conditions. It is particularly beneficial for babies who have been born with help from forceps or ventouse.

Reflexology in children can help support their bodies to heal, and also establish sleep patterns and destress due to academic pressures such as the 11+ exams , SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels.

Treatment can be given at home or in our treatment room, and surroundings can be easily adaptable to ensure children are happy and relaxed. Whether using toys or DVDs as distraction, each treatment is as long or as short as they are able to sit for.

Each session lasts up 60 minutes with the first session lasting up to 80 minutes. The consultation portion of the first session can be discussed separately with the parent as to not reduce the child's patience. Sessions cost £44 each.

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