The Wild Air Wellbeing approach to complementary therapy treatments is that for you to truly feel the benefit your mind and body should be equally relaxed. That is why we offer treatments both in our room in South East London, and in the comfort of your own home. Below highlights the benefits of each, so you can see which suits you and your lifestyle.


Escape and Unwind

Unwinding to many clients means being in an environment created solely for the purpose of healing the mind and body. Our treatment room offers a relaxing space where you can arrive, let go and enjoy the treatment before heading off for the rest of your day. Do not hesitate to ask about accessibility options.


Easy and Relaxing

For several clients fitting time for them and their health into each day can be a challenge. Whether you have childcare commitments, find getting out the house difficult, are pregnant,, or just would love to relax in your own home, we can come to you for your treatment. Please contact us for available postcodes.


Whether in the comfort of your home or in the South East London treatment room, prices are £44 per 60 minute session for Reflexology and £31 per 30 minute session for Indian Head Massage


Whether you are parent to a new baby or a school age child, we can offer options to enable you to have the best treatment possible.

Several clients bring their babies to sessions, either in buggies or in arms, and you are completely welcome to bottle or breastfeed during the treatment - happy mummy is a happy baby.

Children who are older are welcome in our toy and DVD area, but please be aware this is separate to the treatment room and is not an official childcare facility.

For treatments in your own home - as a busy mum of three children I am very aware of the everlasting needs of children, so we will always work around you!

Baby's Grasp


In the comfort of your own home or in our treatment room