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Conception, Pregnancy & Post Partum


Reproduction is one of the most natural and amazing processes that we as humans go through, however it is very frequent that we need some help along throughout the journey.

From difficulties with conceiving, to relief during pregnancy, complimented with care after the birth, Wild Air Wellbeing offers help and support for both women and men.

When trying to conceive, both men and women need to be in a healthy and relaxed state, and reflexology can be a key support in this. Reflexology can also help couples suffering from issues such as irregular ovulation, coming off contraception, sperm vitality.

Once pregnant, several women experience joint or muscular pain, hormonal imbalances, poor circulation and fluid retention. Wild Air Wellbeing can accompany women and help them feel healthy and well throughout their pregnancy.

Pregnancy reflexology is also a great support before the birth of a child, as it can inspire a deep state of relaxation in the body and prepare the body for natural labour.

After the arrival of a baby, the body experiences many physical and hormonal changes. From stimulating the body's healing post-birth, to aiding with post-natal anxiety and depression, reflexology can help women regain balance in their new lives.

Wild Air Wellbeing supports soon-to-be and new parents by offering a relaxing haven in the South-East London treatment room, or by giving treatments in the comfort of your own home. Every support will be offered to make pregnancy and post-birth treatments as comfortable as possible, and new parents are more than welcome to feed during sessions.

Each session lasts 60 minutes with the first session lasting 80 minutes. Sessions cost £44 each.

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