"Healing hands and compassionate listening from Mhairi made my reflexology sessions the perfect way to recharge after birthing my baby. Mhairi brings everything with her to your home, comfy chair and blankets and pillows and exquisite smelling oils for the treatment. From 9 weeks after birthing she came and treated me to deep relaxation.

I had my little baby with me and on me and we both benefitted. 

Please be reassured that just because you have a fresh born doesn’t mean you can’t have the treatment – you can. I just latched my baby on and let the healing touch begin.

For the most benefit weekly sessions or twice weekly sessions worked, maybe think about buying a block of sessions…

Mhairi is a caring mother who understands what it’s like to be a new parent and I trust her to do a great reflexology treatment.

The foot treatment, the reflexology, the pampering is for everyone; men and women, young and old.

Highly recommended from me to you"

Sophie Kirkham

“I booked a pregnancy reflexology session with Mhairi in the hopes that it would help me from going too far overdue like I did with my first baby. I've had reflexology before, but Mhairi's session was by far the best I've had. She warned me that some of the points she would work on to encourage baby to come out would be uncomfortable, but also said she could adjust her pressure if I felt too much pain. I found it completely tolerable and just focused on that fact that it was hopefully helping to move things along with baby!

The rest of the session was a dream and so relaxing, it sent me off to sleep. She had a chat with me at the end of the session about the sensitivities she found in my body whilst working on my feet...completely fascinating!

Not only did I feel amazing straight after the session, but I slept through the night that night (a welcome treat in the third trimester!) and our baby girl came less than 48 hours later...a day before her due date. I do credit Mhairi to playing a part in this.

I would completely recommend Mhairi for any type of reflexology session and it's so lovely that she will come to your home. I look forward to a postnatal treatment soon!”

Lacey Ostermann

I had reflexology with Mhairi during the last trimester and found it deeply relaxing. It helped hugely with my back pain and ability to sleep at night. I've also had it post-birth and enjoyed the experience so much. It felt like it really helped with my healing after the birth.

Mhairi immediately put me at ease by explaining how reflexology works and offers a choice of oils which all smell delicious. Within minutes I was fast asleep and felt deeply relaxed afterwards. Mhairi provides an overview of the reflexology afterwards including really useful after-care tips to maximise the effects of the treatment.

For anyone pregnant or non pregnant I would recommend Mhairi's reflexology if you are looking to unwind, relax and take some time out for yourself. It is truly bliss! 

Yvonne O'Hara