Beating post-holiday blues!

With the reddening of the leaves and the flocking of children back to their school classes, summer definitely does seem to be drawing to a close. Luckily we still have some good weather in England, however for those of us who have now had our main holiday for the year, or crave the long evenings - how do you beat the 'post-holiday blues'.

Head Back To School

Ok this may mean literally head back to school if you are at university, or are improving your skills or retraining for a new career or industry. If so, then your holiday blues will quickly ebb away with the excitement of a new project or fresh start.

However, for those of us who are not embarking on a new challenge, then celebrate the end of summer with the chance for a good organise. Embrace your inner school child and go stationery shopping for new desk organisers, folders, filing systems and notepads to help declutter your house, work and mind and start the 'school year' afresh. This will give you a new zest for September and an energy boost!

Fruit & Veg Challenge

After the holiday season you might be feeling a bit sluggish and lethargic, and this isn't just to do with holidays passing - summer is full of treats such as ice-creams, scones and very fruity cocktails. All this sugar can take a bit of a battering on your both your immune system and your energy levels, making you feel blue-er than usual.

So, take up a September challenge of embracing new fruit and vegetables! Be not sound as thrilling as jet-setting back to the Greek islands, however by focussing on eating 8 different fruit and vegetables every day, your mind will be more consumed on visiting the market and creating new recipes than reminiscing on summer gone by. And your body will definitely thank you for it too by offering some natural energy and zazziness.

Embrace Nature

There is a reason why Autumn and Spring are the most written about seasons by poets and novelists - the spirit of change in the air is romantic and intoxicating. Unfortunately sometimes we miss the wonder of Summer turning to Autumn as we are wistfully remembering beaches and park picnics.

However, by doing some gardening, going for a walk in your local park, escaping to a National Trust property or planning a country home mini-break you can really take time to have a look at the nature evolving around you. Fresh air and nature can release wonderful mood and energy boosting hormones, so not only will you have a fun activity to focus on, you will feel energised for the weeks ahead! So grab those wellies and go stomping in the British outdoors...

Good luck for your Autumn adventures!

Mhairi @ Wild Air Wellbeing