Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes... (And More!)

So you've made it through the first trimester of pregnancy and you have shared the news and are feeling pretty good (yay!) However, weeks 25-30 are creeping on and you are feeling a little less zazzy now... So what can you do to help look after your beautiful pregnant body and keep pains and niggles to a minimum?

Keep Moving

This may seem the last thing that you feel like doing when you are carrying extra weight, but by walking, exercising, dancing or doing any sort of movement regularly, your joints will feel a release of pressure and you will reap the benefits.

Vitamins & Supplements

Of course you should check with your GP before taking any extra vitamins or supplements when you are pregnant, but during pregnancy you may had nausea or food aversion, which can make it harder to consume all the nutrients your body needs to support muscles and joints. Check in with a medical professional or a nutritionalist to get a tailored plan for you.

Reflexology & Massage

So many great spas offer pregnancy massages now, which is a great way to relieve some tension in your body - make sure that the establishment is properly qualified in this area and you give them all the relevant medical information.

Reflexology is amazing during pregnancy to help support the body adapt through the gestational journey. From aiding tension headaches, pregnancy insomnia, relieving back pain, hip and pelvic strain to helping with cramp and third trimester nausea, reflexology can be ever so relaxing, whilst also benefitting your body. Read more about Pregnancy Reflexology here >>

Pregnancy Pillows & Mattresses

Yes we know there is no magic cure to getting a good night sleep, especially when you are restricted in pregnancy to which way you should be sleeping. However, it definitely might be time to turn your mattress to give your joints some extra support. The same can be said for pregnancy pillows. These are amazing, however by the end of your pregnancy journey you may find it a little lacklustre and not giving you as much comfort as you had. Check the washing instructions and either pop it in the washing machine or take it to the dry-cleaners to give it a new lease of life and help your muscles and joints.

Good luck!

Mhairi @ Wild Air Wellbeing