Exhaustion? Lethargy? Or Laziness...?

So it's the summer - woop! And it's actually sunny in Britain - amazing! However, you are not feeling 100% yourself. Whether you don't bounce out of bed with a spring in your step, or you get to 4pm in the day and are wondering quite why you are so tired - then do not worry you are not alone!

How reflexology can help energy levels

Yes it is more usual to have a boost of energy in the summer months versus the dark winter, however tiredness can come in many different forms for everyone.

Of course if there is a reason for your tiredness (that BBQ that turned into a bit of an all-nighter, or that beautiful newborn/toddler you have rolling around your bed all night), then you may feel less in the dark about your moods. However, you could still do with a little 'lift' I'm sure.

So, whatever the reason for your tiredness or low-level exhaustion, here are a few tips that will hopefully perk up your summer.


Hydrate to boost energy levels

We should all know by now that water is the answer to every ailment, however many of us suffering from tiredness or lack of energy throughout the day are not drinking enough water. Try to drink a nice ice-cold glass of water every couple of hours to really boost your system.


I truly commend you if you manage to get all of your vitamin intake from your daily diet, as many of us find this a challenge. If you are deficient in a specific vitamin or mineral then this can be affecting your energy levels. Try introducing an A-Z vitamin into your daily routine as this should get your body in good working order. (**Of course please consult with your GP if necessary**)


How iron can impact energy levels

As many of us have such varied diets throughout the year, we can sometimes be low in iron, which can make us feel weak, light-headed and definitely not full of beans. In the winter you may delve into high protein comfort food, but sometimes the lighter summer salads are not giving us enough iron to help get oxygen around our body. A quick visit to the GP if you are worried this might be the case can shed light on this for you.


I know this seems crazy to mention, but how much sleep you are getting and when can truly impact your energy levels. We would all be better off hitting the hay early (by 10:30pm latest) and then getting up at 5/6am in the morning. However, with our more fluid lifestyles (sorry parents I am not talking to you here!) we can sometimes stay up much later and wake after our body is naturally predisposed to. If you can see no real reason why you should be overtired in the week, try shifting bedtime a little earlier and see how you feel.


It may seems contradictory to suggest burning more energy when you are feeling tired, but the endorphins you release when you exercise can really boost your moods. Also, by triggering your metabolic system, your continuing body processes will have a jumpstart too, which will make you feel more awake in the day. Regular exercise is key, so little and often may be the answer for you.


So you hit that mid-morning or mid-afternoon lull and suddenly the KitKats and M&S treats come drifting across your desk.... Not to be a killjoy, but consuming sugar when you are tired will give you an instant hit, but will then make you crash and feel even more tired. Try snacking on some protein and brown carbohydrates, and you will feel the energy boost which will last for much longer. Try not to miss meals as this will make your energy levels plummet too and is harder to recover from.

Reflexology and Aromatherapy

Complementary therapies, such as Reflexology and Aromatherapy can help boost energy levels if you are feeling lethargic. Reflexology works on reflexes connected to all systems of your body, so should help reset any imbalances you have and can help reduce lethargy. See how reflexology can help here>>

Seek Advice

Always remember that if you have covered all natural bases and you are still tired please do speak to your doctor!

Good luck!

Mhairi @ Wild Air Wellbeing