Ice Ice Baby!

Health benefits of ice

Apologies to all those too young to know this amazing song reference, however in London at the moment it is VERY hot, and ice (or anything cold for that matter) is definitely on my mind...

So whilst we are debating reaching for another ice-cream/lolly, let's explore healthier versions of ice and how it can help so many different areas of your life.

1. Reduce Swelling

Whether you have had an injury, or very swollen legs (read 'cankles') in pregnancy, ice can help dramatically reduce swelling by acting as an anti-inflammatory. By applying ice onto the affected area, blood vessels constrict reducing blood flow to the body and therefore the swelling.

2. Fight acne and wrinkles

For the young, old and everyone in-between, ice can be a rescue remedy for the skin! Have an unwanted spot or pimple? After washing your face, wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth/muslin and apply to the area for 3-5 minutes. Unwanted wrinkles? Use a similarly wrapped ice cube to massage the face for 1 minute daily before applying moisturiser and make-up. The ice prevents premature ageing and wrinkles by improving blood circulation. What a dream!

3. Soothe sunburn

Of course we all know that we should stay out of the midday sun and apply suncream lotion generously, however if the sun should approach unexpectedly, or if you are unfortunately unprepared for the day, then ice cubes can help relieve sun sensitive skin. Once in the shade, use an ice cube to trace the affected skin area to reduce temperature and help alleviate pain and discomfort.

4. Aid cramps

In this heat our balance of salt and water within our bodies can become off kilter, and this can lead to common leg or foot cramping. Of course if you are pregnant then you may find this a frequent situation also. Massaging an ice cube into the area, or applying an ice pack, can reduce symptoms and help recovery of the muscle.

5. Relieve eye tiredness or hayfever

Ice to help tired eyes

Whether you have been at work all day in this humid heat, or the high pollen count is still causing you issues then ice can help! Wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth, close your eyes and run the ice cube over them to reduce swelling and itchiness.

6. BONUS FEATURE - Removes chewing gum

I couldn't write this article without throwing in an old wives tip - ice removes unwanted chewing gum! Whether you have found yourself with an unwanted gift from sitting on the London Underground, or you have encountered a park bench/school child/shopping trolling with similar results, then apply the ice cube to the chewing gum for a few minutes. Afterwards the chewing gum should be hard enough to pick off. If the item of clothing is small, then this tip also works by putting the item in the freezer overnight.

Enjoy the beginning of our summer and stay cool!

Mhairi @ Wild Air Wellbeing