Natural Antihistamines

Whether you like to avoid taking medication, find side effects to antihistamines too strong, or are trying to get pregnant or are breastfeeding, then high-pollen months can become draining and very uncomfortable.

Trying to get pregnant?

Many women do not know, but taking antihistamines dries up mucus all over the body, not just in the nasal cavities. Therefore they dry up cervical mucus, which makes trying to get pregnant more difficult. Then once you are pregnant or breastfeeding, antihistamines are often not advisable, so what can you do to relieve symptoms of hayfever?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great natural antihistamine and can be found easily in so many fruit or vegetables. Consume these great fruit and vegetables for some non-medicated relief!

- Blackcurrants

- Red peppers

- Kiwis

- Oranges

- Strawberries

- Papaya

- Many more...

Stinging Nettle

Less commonly researched is the effect of Stinging Nettle as an antihistamine. This herb has been used against placebos suggesting that it can help the effects of hayfever, so definitely worth speaking to someone about it in your local health stores.

Local Honey

Many swear that the ultimate secret to non-antihistamine hayfever relief is consuming honey from a local beekeeper. This is said to give you immunity against the most local strains of pollen. Definitely a good excuse to have some natural honey on your toast in the morning!


And for those new to hayfever effects, a quite deterrent that works for some if putting a little vaseline at the base of your nostrils to catch some of the pollen before you inhale.

Good luck and enjoy the good weather!

Mhairi @ Wild Air Wellbeing